What People Say

Teressa Tay’s book should be on the reading list of anybody who’s struggling in life and wants to know how to bounce back from the depths of pain and sorrow to achieve a desired lifestyle. She is a living inspiration of what’s possible in achieving worthwhile dreams. More than anything else, as she crawled through the rocky valley of crises and challenges, she clung on to her faith in God and allow Him to show her the light and the path to a higher plane. Truly a model for all of us on the journey of life.

— Dr Patrick Liew, Entrepreneur of the Year for Social Contribution

“This is not an ordinary book. This is so far the BEST book I have ever read. Everyone should read this book. EVERYONE.


It is not just a book to read, but for my own spiritual healing too. So much, yes so many powerful testimonials, healing, blessings, and deliverance from God. So many powerful versus to apply in everyone's life. Teressa, thank you for writing your life story.”

—  Divorcee and mother of 5 children

“I started reading Teressa's book yesterday morning and never put it down till I finished the whole book late at night. I finished reading it all in 1 day. I was so touched by her life story and was moved to tears. I thank God for the miracles that he has done in Teressa's life, so inspired by God’s goodness. Thank you for writing such an awesome and inspirational book!”

—  Dorothy Chua

“I'm truly touched by [Teressa's] book and greatly inspired by it. Tears rolled down when I read about [her] late mom's passing and my heart leapt every time I saw God's deliverance in her.”

—  Mabel

“A truly heartwarming testimony of God’s love and power. Teressa’s life has been filled with many ups and downs. This is something that I believe all of us can resonate with. I was compelled to read on particularly because the challenges she’s faced felt so close to home. ARISE allows us to reflect deeply on the simple things we often take for granted, and reminds us that life will always be unpredictable. Her faith in God has given her the strength to overcome everything life has thrown her way.”

—  Liz Chan

“ARISE is about triumph in adversity if you place your faith and trust in Almighty God! It is written with passion and honesty. Praise be to God for her 3 great helpmates – her children – who are her constant source of joy and encouragement to give her strength to plod on. I recommend this great book to everyone to read it and as for myself I’ve read it twice and still teared up!”

—  Magdaline Khoo

“Teressa’s life story is very moving, touching and encouraging. Her book was beautifully and fluently finished. A gorgeous work.” 

—  Professor Liu

“I read Teressa’s book over the last few days. It was truly deep, touching and inspirational. I could see how strong her faith, trust and love for God is and we could all emulate her. God Bless!”

—  Vincent Siew

Read the book within a day. An extraordinary lady, a living testimony of what life can do to you, and walking out stronger and wiser. May I encourage you to purchase this book, it may be a great thing for a friend or a close one who's going through troubled time at home or struggling in life. Contact Teressa Tay through her website or give her a WhatsApp. She chose Jesus, and life is changed!”

—   Sng Chye Choon

“Teressa rode the highs and lows in life and all are laid bare in this book. There were moments I paused and reflected and I wished I could have her tenacity and utter dependence on God. He showed her the way and walked with her. I am inspired and am comforted that God will do the same for all of us. Never give up!”

—  Xavier Chang

“This is my first time I finished a book in one day! Very encouraging.

Teressa has gone through so much in life.”

—  Emily Lim

“Teressa's life story and how God saved her on so many occasions is truly a great testimony of God’s great love. Praise God. He is good.”

—  Rayney Wong, Director, Vision Law LLC