GO MAGAZINE, Singapore (March 1988):
The uniqueness of Teressa’s 
travellers shop turned the heads of many with its one-of-a-kind services and unparalleled range of travel items that were affordable and accessible.

SOUTHEAST ASIA TRAVELLER, Southeast Asia (June 1988):
Teressa’s traveller shop was featured for its wide range of goods and services all under one roof including travel insurance.

TRAVELOGUE, Singapore (July 1988):
travellers shop was not only applauded as a specialty shop, but also as the first door-to-door luggage courier service in Singapore and for its tastefully furnished shop with a cordial ambience.

GO MAGAZINE, Singapore (July 1988):
The one-stop specialty store for travellers was highlighted yet again, recommending more specific unique items from the store.

THE NEW PAPER, Singapore (December 1988):
Teressa was seen as a trailblazer when her
travellers shop made headlines as one of the innovative specialty shop pioneers that specifically catered to travellers’ needs.

THE STRAITS TIMES, Singapore (December 1988):
Teressa’s Travellers Shop was featured as a solution for travellers looking for
 of luggage bag and winter wear.

SISTERS’ PICTORIAL, Malaysia (July 1988):
The opening of Teressa’s Travellers Shop was featured, naming it as a convenient place with comprehensive travellers products.

FEMALE MAGAZINE, Singapore (November 1988):
As the owner of a travel store and a frequent traveller herself, Teressa was interviewed on The Art of Travelling Light, in which she gives advice and tips on packing and travelling.


HOTELIER, Singapore (May 1990):
A feature on world famous silk supplied by Teressa’s  Furnishings company to many prestigious hotels, restaurants, and clubs,  which contributed to state its mark of elegance and character.

SINGAPORE BUSINESS, Singapore (November 1991):
Teressa’s then-thriving furnishing company was commended in a feature for its efficiency and impeccable service, having speedingly completed a $1.7 million furnishing makeover within 4 months using handspun silk for a prominent 5-star hotel.

HOTELIER, Singapore (June 1990):
A feature article on Teressa’s 4 fabrics products from Canada, Thailand, Europe and America.

NEW STRAITS TIMES, Malaysia (August 1992):
Teressa’s first interior furnishing branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was featured for carrying the exquisite ‘Queen of Fibres’ Silk, with her other exquisite home furnishing products.

MALAYSIA TATLER, Malaysia (April 1993):
Teressa’s Malaysia branch was credited as a contributor of the beautiful soft furnishing to major hotels. Its wide range of international collections was also highlighted.

OFFICE ESSENTIALS MAGAZINE, Singapore (October 1993):
Teressa established Singapore’s first one-stop office supply superstore, which made headlines for its bold move as a specialty store.

FEMALE MAGAZINE, Singapore (December 1993):
Celebrated as a businesswoman in a four-page feature, Teressa spoke about her work ethics and formative years that eventually led to her success of setting up seven companies across multiple countries at a young age.


DARE MAGAZINE, Singapore (September 2004):
Teressa speaks about her decision to give everything up – including her passion for business – to refocus herself on her family and God’s work. In doing so, she found love, joy and peace.

CLEO MAGAZINE, Singapore (January 2005):
Teressa’s business brokerage company was featured in an article on why buying an ongoing business is better than starting a new business.


CHANNEL NEWSASIA, Singapore (2015):
Interview with Teressa on why she nominated her domestic helper, for the Foreign Domestic Worker Award.

RADIO 95.8, Singapore (2015):
Live interview with Teressa on the tips of building a good relationship between employer and Foreign Domestic Worker.

LIANHE WANBAO, Singapore (February 2015):
Story of Teressa’s relationship with her good domestic helper, who has won the Foreign Domestic Worker Award.

...and many more features in media outlets such as New Home Owners (1990), The Star (1993), Builder Source Book (1995) and was interviewed on Channel U (2009).

In The Media

Teressa's life and successes have caught the attention of the media in Singapore and Southeast Asia, where she has been featured in various media outlets.

In The Media

Teressa's life and successes have caught the attention of the media in Singapore and Southeast Asia, where she has been featured in various media outlets.