ARISE! The Power to be Extraordinary 

by Teressa Tay


Despite the countless obstacles and challenges she faced in life, Teressa never gave up. Her unwavering determination is admirable.


Teressa's life and successes have caught the attention of the media in Singapore and Southeast Asia, where she has been featured in various media outlets.


Teressa joined the real estate industry in 2005 and all her hard hard work and success has been recognised through the numerous awards.

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What People Say

Teressa Tay’s book should be on the reading list of anybody who’s struggling in life and wants to know how to bounce back from the depths of pain and sorrow to achieve a desired lifestyle. She is a living inspiration of what’s possible in achieving worthwhile dreams. More than anything else, as she crawled through the rocky valley of crises and challenges, she clung on to her faith in God and allow Him to show her the light and the path to a higher plane. Truly a model for all of us on the journey of life.

— Dr Patrick Liew, Entrepreneur of the Year for Social Contribution

This is not an ordinary book. This is so far the BEST book I have ever read. Everyone should read this book. EVERYONE.


It is not just a book to read, but for my own spiritual healing too. So much, yes so many powerful testimonials, healing, blessings, and deliverance from God. So many powerful versus to apply in everyone's life. Teressa, thank you for writing your life story. 

—  Divorcee and mother of 5 children

“I started reading Teressa's book yesterday morning and never put it down till I finished the whole book late at night. I finished reading it all in 1 day. I was so touched by her life story and was moved to tears. I thank God for the miracles that he has done in Teressa's life, so inspired by God’s goodness. Thank you for writing such an awesome and inspirational book!”

—  Dorothy Chua